Please find below our challenges, if you're stuck and not sure what to do checkout the Academy link at the top which has onboarding, wordlist, scope and rate limit information.


This is a great place to start and get a feel for how CTFchallenge works, this challenge includes a walk through to guide you along the way.


Time to lawyer up! This law firm might be great at protecting your rights but are awful with protecting their website! Find a way into their admin portal.


Vuln LTD provide accountancy services to their clients but lets hope they can count on you to find all the holes in their systems.


Vulncommerce is an e-commerce site that sells premium laptops at affordable prices, lets just hope their laptops arent as bad as their vulnerable website!


Come and join the conversation on this vulnerable forum. Can you take over the admin account and view the secret messages?


There's a new crypto currency on the market but people don't realise it's a scam! See if you can hack in and steal over 1,000,000 FakeCoin from the owner!


VulnCorp are providers of software development but I guess they missed their DevSecOps training. Battle your way through this huge challenge.


VulnTraining provide training services to their clients but they could do with some training themselves, security training that is!


This recruitment company has a serious security problem but you'll have to dig into its past staff members to work out how to get in


VulnCompany are experts at making gadgets but not great at choosing 3rd party software suppliers.


Hackbookagram is the latest social networking site just for hackers, the problem is someones been stealing the users passwords! Work out how they've been doing it and then take them down!


Probably not the safest place to keep your money, but this vulnerable bank will allow you to get even with Evil Corp who have been ripping off charities for far too long.