Data Handling

Data We Keep

As part of the security community we want to be transparent about the data we keep about you.

Upon signing up to this service we will keep a record of your email address and chosen password ( hashed and salted with a random salt )

You'll also have the option of setting a username and twitter handle which will be publicly displayed on the leader boards.

We do not store logs of your actions or IP address

Email Usage

We will not share your email address with anybody else and will only use it to contact you in regards to CTF Challenge such as password resets, new challenges, new training videos or computer security related offers.

Your right to be forgotten

Upon deleting your account your email address, chosen username and twitter account will be deleted which will anonymize your data.

After 24 hours your identifiable data will be totally erased from our backups

By registering you agree to the above terms
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